This part of the web site is for all the things that do not fit anywhere else.

Debian, the distribution and the web site, has won awards, you can find out which ones on the awards page.

If you want to see what merchandise other companies are making with the Debian logo then you would want to check out our Debian Merchandise page.

Debian has chosen a logo. We would like to make the logo available to help promote Debian while protecting it from abuse. It may be used as long as its use adheres to our license.

Check out our banner images that you can use to promote Debian.

There are various organizations and projects that are related to Debian which we acknowledge by linking to them.

Debian also has memberships in various organizations.

Debian publishes reports and issue position statements on Free Software related topics.

We also have a page for people who use Debian on laptops.

There's a whole section about mirroring Debian, too.